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Developing Ideas

Thoughts and information of my personal projects.

Current Projects

Package Availability

When I create packages for my projects they will be available in my repository.

Rose - Rendering On Small Environments

Rose is intended, primarily as a Graphic User Interface library for Raspberry Pi computers with a small touch screen to support application that can run directly on the screen frame buffer /dev/fb0 in an Application or Kiosk mode. Rose uses SDL2 as the underlying graphics engine which makes it possible to run under desktop graphics environments (X11) and multiple OSs and distributions.

The project in the reposition builds under Cmake on Debian Linux derived distributions and produces the following artifacts:

hamclock-systemd Updated.

This project creates a Debian package to install a compiled version of HamClock and enable launch on boot using systemd.

Packages available for Debian derived Linux distribution on Intel/AMD and ARM:


C++ Header only (so far) Digital Signal Processing objects including:

Forked Repositories

C++ IIR Filters

Forked from Release 1.8.1 included Debian packages for amd64 and armhf architecture.